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What Is Prescription Drug Abuse

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Prescription drug abuse is a fast-growing, nation-wide epidemic in the United States, especially in Midland, Texas.

Although millions of Americans receive medically prescribed drugs because of their illnesses, which is considered legitimate usage, abusing prescription medication means either a) someone is taking prescription medication that wasn’t prescribed to them or b) somebody is taking prescription medication in a manner the medication was not intended for or is taking too much of the recommended doses.

Examples Of Prescription Drug Abuse Behaviors

Common examples of such abusive behavior include individuals who take prescription medication for recreational purposes or individuals that are under heavy emotional distress and use medication to relieve the pain.

Prescription drug abuse is a serious concern since it can easily and quickly lead to death or addiction. Every day in the United States, it’s estimated that 2000 teenagers use a prescription medication for the first time without the approval of a physician.

In fact, roughly 7.4 percent of adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 in Midland, TX reported nonmedical use of prescription medications in the past year alone.

Many believe that this new drug epidemic is affecting a large portion of the youth population (adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19) because prescription medications are not found in the streets but home-on kitchen counters, bathroom shelves, and in parents’ bedrooms.

Teens have easy access to these types of drugs in their homes, and many are beginning to worry that there’s minimum supervision. Because of this, in 2011, prescription and over-the-counter drugs ranked 4th place after alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco, to be the most commonly abused drugs by seniors in high school.

Once a person is addicted to a prescription drug, and become physically dependent, it can be very tough to treat. The chances of overdosing become higher since the consumer develop a strong desire to receive the same high as they did when they first used it; as a consequence, they become more tolerant.

For example, it’s typical for narcotic pain relievers to no more satisfy the consumer, and in response, the user consumes larger doses so as for an equal effect.

Many addiction specialists highly recommend catching the abuse early-on, rather than wait for physical dependence to grow too strong. Choosing addiction treatment is the best possible alternative in preventing the death of an overdose.

Things To Do To Prevent The Addiction

Taking fast action to save your loved one’s life is important in treating prescription medication addiction. Every day becomes a matter of life-or-death for an addict.

There are numerous things you can do to stop someone from abusing prescription drugs, like conducting an intervention or seeking professional addiction treatment.

Employing an interventionist is also a good idea because they can enable the addict to admit they have a problem and require treatment; interventionists are also a good source on receiving an expert opinion on what rehabilitation program to choose and what specific kinds of treatment work best.

If you are attempting to reach out to a loved one about their prescription drug addiction, it’s important that you are quick in solving the issue. Today, prescription drugs are thought of as the new “gateway drug,” and may lead to the use of other dangerous drugs like heroin and crack-cocaine.

Remember, when someone shows signs of substance dependence or is demonstrating unusual behavior consequently, the time to act and intervene is vital.

Seek Treatment

Choosing to run an intervention or find an addiction treatment center can save your loved one’s life.

When someone suffers from a severe case of alcohol or drug addiction, the best way of treatment is seeking professional help at an addiction treatment facility.

Licensed therapists and counselors are trained to conduct effective treatment for various sorts of addictions, as well as mental health difficulties and people experiencing psychological distress.

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