Facts About The Nerve Depressant Drug Barbiturates

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Barbiturates are a class of drugs used as sedatives and are commonly prescribed for those who have sleeping problems or suffer from anxiety; that is taken orally or injected.

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Barbiturates are highly addictive and are available in a variety of forms and are classified according to the length of how long the specific drug effect will last.

With that said, the drug can be quite dangerous and shouldn’t be taken without a medical doctor prescribing it. Being aware of a few of the barbiturates facts will help understand the seriousness of the drug.

Those who misuse the barbiturates may use it as an alternative to consuming alcohol. Additionally, those who illegally take the drug without it being prescribed by a doctor may use the drug for relaxation and even for a feeling of euphoria.

What’s more, the barbiturates may be used illegally to counteract the uncomfortable effects of illegal stimulants or help decrease anxiety. Furthermore, they are known to be commonly used on the street in combination with other illegal substances such as cocaine, amphetamines and a few other drugs.

Some barbiturates facts are the short-term and long-term effects a user will potentially experience while under the influence of the drug.

With that said, the most common short-term side effects include; exhaustion, irritability, shallow breathing, slurred speech, impaired judgment, sleepiness and lack of coordination.

While the long-term side effects may include; dizziness, lack of coordination, chronic tiredness, slowed reflexes, eyesight issues, and breathing disorders. And, barbiturates could cause a user to slip into a coma or death if taken incorrectly.

If or every time a user is withdrawing from barbiturates, some of the symptoms may include; fatigue, elevated blood pressure, shakiness, light and noise sensitivity, confusion, muscle pain, nausea, tremors and even hallucinations.

For treatment, the amount of support required for the user will certainly depend on the specific symptoms. If the man is drowsy and awake with being able to have the ability to swallow and breathe with no trouble, the treatment may involve just observing the individual closely.

And, for very severe cases especially if the user stopped breathing, they may be hooked up to a breathing machine. Additionally, a medical doctor may very well give the individual a liquid form of charcoal to help bind and consume the drug in the stomach to lessen the effects of the drug.

Later, it may be highly recommended that the patient receive extended rehabilitation and therapy to assist with being free of the drug, once and for all.

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